Welcome Home

The art of changemaking is a co-created program to give you and a group of international people space & empowerment to grow and share all around the topic of change.
From inner to outer, from small to large…


We are all living together on this one planet.
We agree that we need to develop a more humane, just and ecologically viable way to live in this beautiful world.
So we came together to provide a space for you and us in which we can explore our creative capacities and potential around
change. Which questions, capacities, energies, longings, visions, and understandings are you carrying?
We invite you to explore.

These are the some questions that emerged:

  1. •What is change to me?
  2. •What capacities do I need to be an agent of change?
  3. •What is my freedom?
  4. •How do I understand the connection between responsibility and freedom?
  5. •What values contribute to the shaping a viable future?
  6. •How can we discover ways enhancing, maximising our capacities as ecological citizens and agents of change?

We invite you to come into this unique intercultural space with your full beeing, questions, experiences, doubts, concerns and passion to work together. We consider all of them as useful resources on your and our journey.

The Art of CHANGE-MAKING is a 10 day collaborative learning experience connecting head, heart and hands, co-created and co-facilitated by:

This initiative is funded by: Education and Culture Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus

Funding by Erasmus