Claire’s impressions

my second blog post is of a few select images that sum up for me the different moods and atmospheres we all experienced during the art of change making.

Finding common ground day 1: (finding a hole the shape of ireland in Nidavs T-shirt) Nervously getting to know one another

exploring the theme of change together. The group is beginning to get to know each other and feel the tension of the unknown rise amongst us


Some of our questions about change that would feed our discussions. These questions end up being the very things that brought us together and that threaten to divide us


Musings over marshmallows ;) A party always helps with group bonding. Gathering around the fire letting our questions burn and circulate


This image to me sums up everything that was wonderful for me about the experience. Our questions lead us to forming like minded groups who were excited to explore difficult ideas together.
There seemed to be an unexplainable energy amongst us, a fire in all our bellys telling us all we were in the very right place at the very right time.


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