Martha Cashman

2014 Ceramic Bird Box Plan
I have always been drawn to the ecological issues in our environment and have strived to put my energy as a change maker to good use .. I was very fortunate to be part of the Art Of Change Making at Knowmads this year, it was a life changing experience for me. Little did I know that a 10 day session of workshops and talks with a group of like minded people could bring such hope for a future of Positive change making.
It was such a luxury to be given the of time to questioning my self on the ideas that I want to work on, after long taught provoking brainstorming within the group I was over whelmed with the reaction to one of my Project plans; to creating a safe environment for the endangered Swift. I planned to work on an educational project that can be rolled out to community groups and special needs groups along with corporate companies as part of a creative and economically viable idea.
Future Orchard Project Leader Elaine Garde
I was so pleased to see the Bird Box appear in the amazing Wall Art as part of the Creative plan for the 10 day journey, soon the project I wanted to develop took hold and it was in this creative place that I was allowed the time and space to engage with others who also have the capacity to share their knowledge and passion for the welfare of planet. I am a share holder in an ecological based project called Future Orchard in Glanmire, Co. Cork where founder Elaine Garde Wulff {Image two} has created an idyllic apple orchard on her property where Creative practices can take place, I have built a Raku kiln there to fire my ceramic work and I am currently developing workshop plans in the orchard which are open to groups, students and artists as a way to develop their own skills and creative practices and also as a way to share resources for a better future.
Ceramic Bird Box Arts in Health Youghal Co Cork  April
Upon my return from Knowmads I have created  the ceramic Swift Bird Box with dimensions unique to the endangered Swift under advice from my mentor Prof John O’ Halloran Head of Zoology at University College Cork. I am currently working on this project with special needs adults in centres around the Cork region whilst developing the idea as a sustainable, economical and educational creative project. For more information please contact me
Team of Ceative Minds at Knowmads April 2014
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From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the creative thinkers who made this event possible and so very wonderful, it was a pleasure and a joy to have had the opportunity to work with you all and hopefully we will be connected again to share the wealth of knowledge and passion we all have for Positive Change in our world…
Kind regards
Martha Cashman

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