Q&A Claire

What questions did you start with?

What Questions did you leave with?

What questions do you have now?

What were your key insights about change?

What was  useful for within the Art of Change-making process in your growth as an agent of change.

Where is it taking you?


I have always been a person who is full of questions, questions about the sky, electrical currents, spiders webs, mud, tv cables, the world, everyone around me and why they do the things they do.

So naturally I started with so many questions.

What are we going to do there? Who will we meet? What do I hope to gain from this experience? How do make sure I get the most out of it? What do i really want to change? Are we going to be able to affect positive change together? How will the other people see me and how will I be able to share my passions and ideas fully with them? Am i confident enough that i have the knowledge and mindfulness to take on such a topic as change?


Leaving the art of change making led to many more questions although some of my worries and concerns were allievated through the discussions, reflections and sharing we experienced, others were highlighted and brought to the foreground.

Such as now that i have made more clear my priorities as far working to affect positive change in the world, how do i take this vision forward? How do i insure that we keep these questions and the enthusiasm to answer them together alive when i return home? Do i think we changed anything? Have I changed?


Moving on my questions have become slightly more practical. What can I do with the resources at my disposal right now? What little changes can I implement into my daily life to help me get closer to the life i want to live according to my values and ideals about a brighter future for everyone?


I spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking about our time in amsterdam and i began to think that that thinking itself has been the major change for each one of the participants. We are now all somewhat “changed” by our experience. We have a connection to each other now that has an infinite number of possibilities. Who will work together? Who might go on to share what we were doing with someone else who will set up their own art of change making? Have we in fact affected positive change simply by engaging with the topic of change together?


Thinking more about change allows you to see the changes that are happening all around you. It allows you to shift your thinking consciously from looking around and seeing the problems we are faced with, to seeing the changes that are there to be made. Thinking and talking about change I believe is a catalyst that empowers us to seize the chance to make a change in ourselves and in the world around us. The art of change making allowed me to focus on the changes i wanted to make in both myself, my community and my world. It helped me to believe in myself and the work I do allover again by showing me its ok to be confused and that nearly everyone else is as confused as i am lots of the time. I guess it allowed me to shyly accept the notion that I possibly can be or maybe even already am an agent of change.


These questions and the entire experience has personally taken me to a place where I am keeping my question and motivations on the tip of my tongue as i go about my life both inside and outside of work. I have made the decision to try my best to no longer feel shy about my worries and concerns for my community, things will never change if people hide their passions under insecurities. For me the art of change making has given me the confidence to think that maybe i do know, maybe i can tell someone how something could change for the better, maybe I can form a group and go out and change something i believe in, maybe the time really is now.

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