Reflections about Change Gavin Clarke

What questions did you start with?

It was very difficult from the outset to accurately predict what direction I would take within the Art of Change-making process. For several years I have carried with me the question of how does Art and change-making interrelate; Where does this relationship exist? And how do I take a greater influence upon creative change?

At the beginning of the Art of Change-making my questions were more pointed. I wondered how I would fit into the group dynamic, I was anxious about my ability to offer creativity as much as would extract, I envisaged a physical outcome yet couldn’t predict how it would come about and would it really make a difference for the better.


What questions did you leave with?

I left the Art of Change-making with many of my questions answered and having created some new ones.

My journey through the Art of Change-making was mostly one of self-reflection, therefore a lot of my new questions directly relate to me and to my awareness on small and big change in my life.

I question the practicalities of how to achieve my goals whilst existing with reasonable comfort.

I question whether I have the courage of my convictions to pursue my investigations into creativity and change.

I question as always what motivates people to change and how to engage collectively and actively to take positive change


What questions do you have now?

The questions I have now remain the same as when I left. One thing I am pretty sure about is that change requires patience and resilience. Sometimes allowing the smaller changes you make to take effect and guide change at a larger level.

What were your key insights about change?

I believe I now have a better personal grasp on how change occurs. It’s now my opinion that big change occurs conditionally, based on an amount of smaller strategic changes that are sometimes very difficult to observe or plan. These smaller changes are sometimes what make it difficult to direct change and vice versa. It is important to be conscious of subconscious change and to acknowledge it.

From a practice-based reflection, I believe the Art of Change-making has opened new doors of opportunity for me to revisit my interpretation of the role of creative change-makers and new ways in which to apply this within my professional life.

What was useful for you within the Art of Change-making process in your growth as an agent of change?

I earned considerably from the process of reflective communication. I felt that as equal participants we had a considerable amount of experience to offer one another. Each process, exercise or activity from personal development to group brainstorming made its real impact on me as I reflected on it with other participants. These interactions with the other participants allowed me to digest the material and to reframe it in a context that was useful to me.

Where is it taking you?

Now that I am facing inevitable routine again, I can see that the insights I developed in the Art of Change-making clearly mapped through my previous journeys. I can now apply the laws of this map to my future journeys and give myself a positive framework to create the change I see necessary in my personal and professional life.

Gavin Clarke


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