Who is inviting you?

Pieter Spinder is a lecturer and educator since 1998. He has run different companies from Marketing Consultancy to Internet companies. In 2004 started a course Management of Creativity and Innovation at HvA, followed by a course Sustainable Leadership & Entrepreneurship. In 2007 he started the Kaospilot Netherlands in Rotterdam. In 2009 he started Knowmads, as being a business school outside of the system, and tries to connect formal system education with informal education and work on real life projects.


Jaron Reisman is has experience in entrepreneurship and works as a Personal Leadership Trainer and Small Business Coach / Manager.

After a couple of years of Entrepreneurship in Online Payments, he decided that it is time to switch to a more balanced approach to professional and private life. He experienced a lot around entrepreneurship, growing companies and personal self awareness.

Jaron’s contribution generally lies in bridging the gaps between organisation identity questions, business principles and personal leadership potential. At Knowmads Business School he is involved in these processes, both in the organisation and with the students.


Jessica Carson who coordinates this programme is an artist working with a wide range of contexts and approaches always with an interest in the richness gained from engaging with diverse voices, forms of expression and forms of perceiving the world. “Everyone is an intellectual…and participates in a particular conception of the world…and therefore contributes to sustain a conception of the world or to modify it, that is, to bring into being new modes of thought”.  Antonio Gramsci, (1891 – 1937) Italy

Originally from N.Ireland, she has been living and working in Cork for 15 years. She has been on a number of residency projects in Medellin, Colombia in the last 7 years and enjoys and in inspired by collaboration with to grassroots cultural activity there.


Wolfgang Zumdick is a philosopher who writes, lectures internationally and collaborates on projects and workshops in the field of social sculpture.  He has published many books and essays on Joseph Beuys and roots of the social sculpture ideas. Shelley and Wolfgang are working together on Frametalks –a mobile university. They have co-facilitated workshops like ‘The Art of Changing one’s Mind[set]’ and co-author books like ATLAS of the Poetic Continent: Pathways in Ecological Citizenship.
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Shelley Sacks is a social sculpture practitioner who facilitates change processes, writes, performs and lectures internationally. Alongside her work with Beuys in the Free International University she was involved in grassroots political processes in South African where she began to develop ‘agents of change’ processes, ‘instruments of consciousness’ and ‘connective practices’ that are now central to the field of social sculpture.